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March 31, 2009

Don't be scammed by ripoffs in this Economy

As people are becoming more and more frustrated in this Economic "slump"and emotions run wild in an to attempt to keep households together, more and more scam artists are being born. These Scams are preying on the fact that hittng a nerve with key words like Money, Love, Riches, Fortune, Fame. These are all trigger words to get you to buy into something that is no more than smoking mirrors. Mail-outs promising hundreds of thousands of dollars for a $20.00 bill are bogus. If 10,000 people across the Nation fall for this scheme they have made $200.000.00 dollars.
You see it everyday on the web and in your mail boxes if you have ever opened one e-mail from one of these solitations. "If you will send Not $195.00, Not $129.95, Not $79.95 but "only" $19.95 we will throw in 3 Bonus gifts for free!" These solicitors are auto mailing you with every "Trigger" word they can stuff into a quick e-mail response, and for another $39.95 they will teach you how to do the same to others. These are all ways to trigger your Emotions and send the first of what will be many, many more lucrative offers to make you rich quick. These are not the quick answers for anyone to get rich except for those you are sending $19.99 to finance there houses and cars.

Before entering into any scheme on line or off, check with the
BetterBusinessBureau and sites like this one reporting RipOffs.

You can and should report any Scammers you may have encountered, and don't worry if someone else has already reported it because the more of us that do something positive about these Scammers the bigger the EAR we are yelling into! Shre other investigative offices you may know about! Don't let Scamers get you down. Put your thoughs here and get it off your chest!

Here are some of the latest Scam's On-line!

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Experts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) say interest rates are so low that buying a $1,000 two-month CD from the bank will only earn you 83 cents more than if you buried the same amount in your yard for two months.
Better hope you find Gold while your burying that Money!
financial experts suggest buying a house is a good investment

What is the Lowest form of scum? If you said those who prey on grandmothers through the Grandkids..Your right!* Read about the latest scam on line!

The "Truth in Marketing"  -  Jan 25, 2012  -  Public
I've said it once and will say it again...Do not deal with these Loan Shark's!

Payday & Title Loans
Consumers who borrow money from so-called "payday lenders" end up paying $4.2 billion in excessive fees, the Center for Responsible Lending estimates.

The group's study finds that across the nation payday borrowers are paying more in interest, at annual rates of 400 percent, than the amount of the loan they originally borrowed. "Americans who think they're getting a two-week loan and end up trapped in debt," the report says.

This is an understatement, judging by the complaints we have received and those filed with Consumer Affair's, The Attorney general's office and the BBB!

The "Truth in Marketing"  -  Jan 19, 2012  -  Public
The Marketing Scams continue! Be Aware
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Advanced Golf Design
Limited Edition Sports
Professional Golf Products
RA Sports, Inc. ALL have a Scam for you!