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July 14, 2013

A compilation from various individuals whom subscribe to the Facebook Page "Remember in Fort Worth when?"
Who remembers that building, in the pasture, near that big intersection?

Yep. Now a parking lot.

Now that's pretty specific!

I heard they paved paradise, to put up a parking lot. haha!!

Wasn't that down the street past the old oak tree, near the creek?

You mean the one over the hill??

Out yonder?

I remember it! It was down the street from the guy that drove the 55 Chevy. 

Was it north or south of the intersection?????

But I thought it was west of that intersection!

By where that barn was that burned down in '46?

It was Southbound in the eastbound lane of NorthEast 28th street.

I think you're mistaken, that wasn't in Fort Worth. 

I know they had better BBQ than Railhead or Angelos...

Didn't that building have a parking lot right next to it?

It was over the river and through the woods.

Wasn't there a gas station near there somewhere?

On the way to Grandma's house, right?

Didn't they make barbwire there?

Wasn't there a Big Red Barn there and they raised those big horses that pulled those beer wagons?

Cullen Davis's house?

They had to tear it down to make extra lanes for the freeway!

When you get to the old wooden bridge you've gone too far!

As the Crow flys?

I just know they have that exact same thing in the Panhandles! I saw it just last time I was there!

Next to the house with the dog in the front yard?

I remember....In the winter we had to walk two miles up hill in the snow to get to that house!!!

Take the old side road up a ways past the Anderson’s farm and turn left when you see Smithy’s cow. After a while you’ll come to a broke-down truck, turn right and cut across the Kingses’ back lot to… Come to think of it, you can’t get there from here!

Yep. And the Government Land Office is selling it as we speak.

I was thinking it was in the red light district...wasn't that place originally the Chisholm brothel?

Definitely before the lake filled up!

It was south about as far as a crow could fly over yonder

Follow me down the road where the burned out tree is, and turn left about 5 miles before I do.

When you get to the fork in the road, take it!

Oh, yes, most definitely before the lake...

Your getting close when you come to the slight dip in the road!

Naw, naw, the lake filled up before then!

Nice place been thier done that

The dip in the road owned the place I think!

When you see a yellow ribbon tied around the old oak tree, you're about 5 miles from the Burma-shave sign that reads "Remember when". At that point you'll know that you're lost and you need to start all over again at "that building, in the pasture, near that big intersection."