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December 18, 2013

Pet Poisoning during the Christmas Season!

As the holidays close in on us and so many things involved in Decorating for Christmas are Poisonous, such as Mistletoe and Holly Berries...Please keep in mind that Mice and Rats migrate Indoors at this time of year and Homeowners take certain Precautions which may be unforeseen...Precautions, which may cost your pet its life!

Poisoning your pet might not be meant to be intentional. As a young boy I grew up on a farm with neighbors that had the same amount of acreage that we had, but they had no desire to raise animals or earn a living off the property. The Property was left to grow unchecked and the home became overrun my rats and mice. We had every available animal one could expect to find on the farm, while the neighbors had none. The Neighbors put out poison for the rats, the Feral cats ate the rats, the dogs ate the cats, and remnants of the dead rats, and the chain killed everything in the path.
Fast Forward 40 years...
Yesterday my dog got out "under" the partially opened garage door and by the time I could get out the door coax her back in the house, she had consumed something in the Neighbors yard. I saw her pick it up and when I shouted the command  "Come Here", she swallowed, quickly, whatever it was she had in her any dog would! She came to me, but it was too late.  Within 6 hours she was regurgitating on the floor and attempting to Eat the contents of her regurgitation. I caught her, stopped her, and cleaned up the mess. Two or three hours later I walk into another room with my other dog, eating a regurgitation and cannot identify which dog did the act, but within 2 hours the second dog is now regurgitating everything she had for dinner. Now I have two sick digs. This week, I will be posting more about the Uses of Poison and the options, what to do to treat your pet if they are poisioned and how to control invading pest! @

Pet Patio Planters display your favorite Breed and bring color to the Yard!

In an effort to raise funds for local no kill shelters I am building Custom Patio Planters. I can create your specific breed or you can choose from one of the available designs. All pieces are pre-drilled for easy assembly.

These are available in Singles, Doubles or a Plaque for customizing it yourself.
Let me know if this is for a Pet related fund raising event as Discounts may apply!

October 08, 2013

Canine circovirus infection

As a result of the outbreak in Michigan recently many people are searching for answers. Unfortunately there are no cut and dried answers.
Circovirus is usually limited to a small number of Dogs when it does appear, and is more prevalent in Pigs and birds than any other species. Here is what the American Veterinarian Medical Association has to say about it!

Circovirus in Dogs FAQ

September 07, 2013

Saying Good-bye

When it comes time to say good-bye to a dog you have had for as many as 15 years there are no comforting words to make it Easy.
Some of these dogs protected Family members  and some provided comfort on long lonely nights. Some were great hunting or working dogs over long week-ends and some were ALL OF THE ABOVE!

     No matter what, 15 years of devotion is a long time, and  accumulates a lot of memories. When it comes time to say good-bye time seems to slow down to a crawl and watching your beloved pet slowly deteriorate to the point that they struggle to stand up and stumble to the door when they do!
     Walks get shorter and can easily take twice as long. The  enthusiasm for the little things is diminished along with the spark in the eye. Many new attributes will surface such as lack of hearing and sight. This leads to confusion and frustration not only from the pets point of view, but some family members as well. Young children will not always understand the changes and must be cautioned when handling the pet since snapping at morsels and snapping from minor pains can progress as the pet ages.

     Coming home to the dog at the door will become a thing of the past since the pet can barely walk. The pet had an internal clock  that set the timing for everything from when you are arriving home to diner time to walk time and time to
Go outside.
     Their will be more accidents in the floor as well as meals may not settle properly and vomiting foam or entire stomach contents will become frequent! More time will be spent trying out Senior dog food brands your pet can keep down as well as Chew. The teeth are dull at this point and dogs struggle to devour food that just a few years ago were not an issue.

   When then do you say good-bye?

Unfortunately many people drop their pet at a local shelter complaining that they can't take care of it, or create other excuses. This Animal has 0 Chance of adoption to finish out it's final years and life ends right there for that Animal. One can only expect immediate Euthanizing.

If this is your choice, Please, think twice! Do not abandon this beloved creature to a cold damp concrete floor with strange dogs yelping and strangers everywhere. This Pet has has devoted every waking moment to loving you, and you should be the last face this Animal sees. Call a Home Service or make arrangements with your local  Veterinarian, but be there with them as they crossover.

Simply Google the word "euthanizing" and links will appear in your area that can provide Euthanizing services at home or within a vet's office with a sitting area for you to spend those final moments with your best friend.

   So when is a good time to say Good-bye?

There is no good time...The "TIME" is when you say it's time. You know your pet and you know your capabilities to take care of it! The Bottom line is that there is "NO Good Time"
I have heard many different reasons for ending a dogs life. Reasons vary from the city to countryside, and from one Mans opinion to one Womans opinion.
*I have seen dogs shot on the spot for killing chickens! Something that particular dog never did until it became Mentally diminished. But that was where the owner "Drew the Line"!
*I know of a woman that had her pet Euthanized when she passed away because the dog did not cope well with strangers. The pet was Euthanized, placed at her feet, and buried with her.

      What ever "YOU" decide is best for you and your friend is, "what is best"! Don't let other people influence you, demean your motives, or shame you into something you don't want to do. Don't let them jeopardize your satifactory departure with your pet. You made your decisions for the good of you and your pet based upon your life and no one  else's.
    Use a professional service and call references to ensure All cost associated with the disposal and the medical cost are included. Get feedback from the references to see it it was a good experience at their facility or a better experience in your own home.
     In the long run you will feel better for it. You will sleep better and you will have the peace of mind knowing that you took the entire journey from beginning to end with your furry friend and it was not only Enjoyable but Memorable to the very last day! You will recover faster and be better prepared when you bump into your next Furry Friend knowing you can carry them all the way to the end!

Happy Tails.
The Time has come! Good-Bye my Love. May the Rainbow lead you to Beautiful fields with lots of room to run!

USDA licensed Puppy mills

State vs USDA 

In Iowa there are 2 different definitions for "licensed commercial breeders".
  1. State-licensed commercial breeders are those breeders who keep more than 3 intact breeding dogs, any combination of males and females, and sell the offspring. These breeders sell their puppies directly to the public, through ads, the internet, etc.
  2. USDA Class A licensed commercial breeders are those breeders who can also sell puppies wholesale through a pet store or a broker or dealer (Class B USDA-license holder). The broker/dealer then sells the puppies to another distributor such as Hunte Corporation based in Goodman, Missouri, or to a pet store such as Petland. 

August 20, 2013

Shock Treatment to dogs is still referred to in Todays lectures in Drug and Alcohol Addiction classes.

No. 4 of Top 10 Unethical Psychological Experiments involves the use of electrical shock to dogs. This example is currently still being used as a teaching aid in Teaching Drug and Alcohol  dependency classes to point out “Learned Helplessness“. This is not a lie.
     I recently sat in on a class for Repeat offender alcohol abuse and the Instructor read this out loud to the class. I was  Appalled and nearly fell out of my chair. I even asked out loud "Are you serious"? I had to investigate it as soon as I got home and sure enough this is what I found.

In 1965, psychologists Mark Seligman and Steve Maier conducted an experiment in which three groups of dogs were placed in harnesses. Dogs from group one were released after a certain amount of time, with no harm done. Dogs from group two were paired up and leashed together, and one from each pair was given electrical shocks that could be ended by pressing a lever. Dogs from group three were also paired up and leashed together, one receiving shocks, but the shocks didn’t end when the lever was pressed. Shocks came randomly and seemed inevitable, which caused “learned helplessness,” the dogs assuming that nothing could be done about the shocks. The dogs in group three ended up displaying symptoms of clinical depression.
Later, group three dogs were placed in a box with by themselves. They were again shocked, but they could easily end the shocks by jumping out of the box. These dogs simply “gave up,” again displaying learned helplessness. The image above is a healthy pet dog in a science lab, not an animal used in experimentation.


July 14, 2013

A compilation from various individuals whom subscribe to the Facebook Page "Remember in Fort Worth when?"
Who remembers that building, in the pasture, near that big intersection?

Yep. Now a parking lot.

Now that's pretty specific!

I heard they paved paradise, to put up a parking lot. haha!!

Wasn't that down the street past the old oak tree, near the creek?

You mean the one over the hill??

Out yonder?

I remember it! It was down the street from the guy that drove the 55 Chevy. 

Was it north or south of the intersection?????

But I thought it was west of that intersection!

By where that barn was that burned down in '46?

It was Southbound in the eastbound lane of NorthEast 28th street.

I think you're mistaken, that wasn't in Fort Worth. 

I know they had better BBQ than Railhead or Angelos...

Didn't that building have a parking lot right next to it?

It was over the river and through the woods.

Wasn't there a gas station near there somewhere?

On the way to Grandma's house, right?

Didn't they make barbwire there?

Wasn't there a Big Red Barn there and they raised those big horses that pulled those beer wagons?

Cullen Davis's house?

They had to tear it down to make extra lanes for the freeway!

When you get to the old wooden bridge you've gone too far!

As the Crow flys?

I just know they have that exact same thing in the Panhandles! I saw it just last time I was there!

Next to the house with the dog in the front yard?

I remember....In the winter we had to walk two miles up hill in the snow to get to that house!!!

Take the old side road up a ways past the Anderson’s farm and turn left when you see Smithy’s cow. After a while you’ll come to a broke-down truck, turn right and cut across the Kingses’ back lot to… Come to think of it, you can’t get there from here!

Yep. And the Government Land Office is selling it as we speak.

I was thinking it was in the red light district...wasn't that place originally the Chisholm brothel?

Definitely before the lake filled up!

It was south about as far as a crow could fly over yonder

Follow me down the road where the burned out tree is, and turn left about 5 miles before I do.

When you get to the fork in the road, take it!

Oh, yes, most definitely before the lake...

Your getting close when you come to the slight dip in the road!

Naw, naw, the lake filled up before then!

Nice place been thier done that

The dip in the road owned the place I think!

When you see a yellow ribbon tied around the old oak tree, you're about 5 miles from the Burma-shave sign that reads "Remember when". At that point you'll know that you're lost and you need to start all over again at "that building, in the pasture, near that big intersection."