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October 24, 2011

The Old Barn

Childhood memories of the Old Barn I Grew up in...

The Old  Barn

The old Barn stood proud to the very last day.
It leaned a little, but that goes without say,
Cause that old barn went through  a lot of bales of hay.
Her eaves ran straight across a never ending sky,
Acting like a beacon for lost pets wandering by.

With a door on each end, and one in the middle,
That just slowed down the wind, just a little.
Patches on the roof kept out the light,
While providing protection from the cold at night.

Two bulbs hung down without a single switch,
So when you first walked in, you didn’t know what you just kicked.
It could have been a cat, or could have been a mouse,
Most likely it was the muddy boots Mom said to “Get out of the house”!

Her floor is worn now, from hoof, boot, and paw,
From all the sheltered cats, dogs, pigs, and squabs.
In her hay some rested for a day or a year,
Others stayed an eternity, without fear.

For all the pets she has hatched, nursed, and weaned,
For all the punishment that has caused her to lean,
Through cracks in her floor have slipped select straws of hay,
So she will have as soft a place to land, as I did in her Hay!

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