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December 18, 2013

Pet Poisoning during the Christmas Season!

As the holidays close in on us and so many things involved in Decorating for Christmas are Poisonous, such as Mistletoe and Holly Berries...Please keep in mind that Mice and Rats migrate Indoors at this time of year and Homeowners take certain Precautions which may be unforeseen...Precautions, which may cost your pet its life!

Poisoning your pet might not be meant to be intentional. As a young boy I grew up on a farm with neighbors that had the same amount of acreage that we had, but they had no desire to raise animals or earn a living off the property. The Property was left to grow unchecked and the home became overrun my rats and mice. We had every available animal one could expect to find on the farm, while the neighbors had none. The Neighbors put out poison for the rats, the Feral cats ate the rats, the dogs ate the cats, and remnants of the dead rats, and the chain killed everything in the path.
Fast Forward 40 years...
Yesterday my dog got out "under" the partially opened garage door and by the time I could get out the door coax her back in the house, she had consumed something in the Neighbors yard. I saw her pick it up and when I shouted the command  "Come Here", she swallowed, quickly, whatever it was she had in her any dog would! She came to me, but it was too late.  Within 6 hours she was regurgitating on the floor and attempting to Eat the contents of her regurgitation. I caught her, stopped her, and cleaned up the mess. Two or three hours later I walk into another room with my other dog, eating a regurgitation and cannot identify which dog did the act, but within 2 hours the second dog is now regurgitating everything she had for dinner. Now I have two sick digs. This week, I will be posting more about the Uses of Poison and the options, what to do to treat your pet if they are poisioned and how to control invading pest! @

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