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May 17, 2009

Finding The Right Type of Dog

Feb. 12 2009 Finding the Right Type of Dog for You; Now that you’ve determined that you have the time, money, and necessary resources for dog ownership, it’s time to choose what type of dog is right for you. Before you persue shelters and adoption websites in search of the perfect pooch or purchase a dog that is of your "favorite" breed, keep in mind that the breed, size, age, coat type, and energy/activity level of a dog may contribute to his or her ability to fit into your lifestyle. Here are some guidelines. *Coat Type –The type of coat of the dog you choose can be a blessing or a curse, especially if you are opposed to dog hair on your furniture. Long haired dogs as a rule shed more, need more coat care and can also become very dirty when exposed to grass, weeds, brush, and dirt. Keep in mind that dogs with specialty coats will require frequent trips to the groomers, which will cost money. If the dog is going to spend time in the backyard on somewhat cold days, you may need to sacrifice the money of upkeep or choose a dog with a thicker coat for warmth. Dog owners with allergies would be benefited by a dog of a breed with very short hair. *Size – Small dogs are typically energetic, needing more space to run in the house. This means that potential owners of small dogs must be prepared to provide sufficient exercise options to their small pets and will be able to keep them mostly indoors. Large pets need exercise too. A person living in an apartment must be prepared to take their dog for daily walks and to the park. Another thing to consider is that larger dogs cost more for food and supplies such as bedding and toys. When it comes to medications (they’ll need to consume larger dosages). Note that larger dogs have a shorter lifespan than that of smaller dogs. *Breed – If your mind is set on a purebred dog, learn all you can about the traits of that particular breed, seek dog training for your new pet as soon as possible. Some mixed-breed or curr dogs often have less health problems, such as hip dysplasia, which is far too common in purebred dogs as well as breathing problems that are frequent dogs (such as Pugs and Bulldogs). A stray Curr dog can be just as enjoyable as purebreds, and many have the advantage of a unique appearance. *Energy Level – Sure, a Border Collie is adorable, but thier high energy levels are way off the charts. They will require multiple daily walks and never ending games. For a young child, this breed may be the perfect pet. For a senior citizen whose level of activity is limited, this breed would be way too much to handle. The laziness of a Norwegian Elk Hound could be of use to the seniors who are most likely looking for a dog to lie at thier feet while they cook or sew. When researching a breed, make sure one whoses energy level fits your energy level. *Age – Puppies playful,and most people looking to get a pet are searching for a puppy.However, puppies are far more responsibility than older dogs. Puppies do not have any training. They must be potty trained, socialized, and taught that they cannot chew up everything. A professional dog trainer may need to be hired, especially for inexperienced dog owners. They will need to be spayed or neutered and vaccinated. The disadvantage of adopting a puppy over an adult dog is that you do not know how they will mature, adult dogs already show some personality traits. For a new dog owner without the proper time an adult dog may be a better choice. Usually, adult dogs have already undergone some obedience training and probably even have some house training. One of most important factors to remember, is what type of dog will work for your lifestyle. Make sure you have enough time and money for your new pet and that you are able to complete all veterinary examinations. Before purchasing a pet, go to adoption shelters and rescue missions.You can view potential pets in cages or through glass enclosures. Remember that non-papered or Curr dogs can be or are just as good a companion as purebreds. With careful planning and a little effort, you can find the perfect dog .

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