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May 24, 2009

#here's-a-sign You need professional Help!

If you have ever uttered these words or heard someone else whom has,
She bites me when I feed her!
He keeps running off!
He's dragging me along!
thats the reason you have landed here. As humans we are accustomed to being in control, and control, is taken for granted until animals are brought into the picture. Hunters, Guards, Companions, or Terrorist? Classifying Dogs in today's worlds isn't so simple. Do you know the communications lines between these types of dogs if you are trying to convince a German Shepherd to be a lap dog, or turning a Chihuahua into a police dog. (not to give away my script); But you must be able to train the breed to change his normal behavior. Possible? Absolutely! But; at what expense? The bigger dog requires additional activity in order to live a long and Healthy live. The couch potato effect on a German Shepherd is an early Death Sentence. The Chichuahua? It could work in a Elementary school! Imagine a High school Principal with a doberman at each heel. How many students would get out of line? Now imagine the same principal with a chichuahua in his doggie bag hanging on his side! You get the picture.
To get along Go along! Choose a pet that goes along with your Personality, Space, Time, Activity Level. Never choose a pet because it's "cute". Cute can be a killer if your not prepared. Expect to give, give and give some more. Boredom is the largest weakness of any Creature and explore we will explore we do in order to overcome boredom. Exploration got us here, and is the key to the future. Without it we would not exist. As humans we are in control, we have attempted to domesticate every creature on earth that doesn't eat us first. Our influence upon the dog world requires us to think differently and acquire additional knowledge every time we approach another breed ( ). No one can be expected to be an expert on all Breeds of dogs, and some are better than others. If you find a dog handler that is familiar with your breed, get all you can from them. Keep in touch.
A reputable Breeder will assist you for the life of the animal in the hopes of selling more dogs and promoting his bloodline. You will come back in 16 years for your next pet of working dog. There is a big difference between Puppy mills and dog breeders. The local flea market offering one choice of breed every month may provide a better quality pet than a pet store that attempts to market a variety of breeds, large and small, followed with a receipt and 30 day money back guarantee. As time goes by, only the Qualified long term, committed Breeders survive. This is why the AKC was organized and has survived for over 100 years. Seek Scientific opinions any time you, a family member, or a friend, needs pet training advise.

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