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May 15, 2009

The "Work from Home" Schemes continue

The latest Scheme involves banks that are trying to re-coup funds by scamming the un-employed stay at home Mom. These banks will contact you with names you do not recognize as major bank because they have a new department that focuses on selling their credit cards and services to Merchants. They will ask for a "small" set-up fee of approximately $250.00 up front and promise you they will do all the work. They promise to provide all the leads, They promise to provide you with a web site. They promise to provide you with all newly published phone numbers in your area to generate leads of your own. They promise that you do not have to do anything at all, except; answer an occassional call, and the cash will roll in. Month after month.

Now the rest of the story;
These are Independant Sales Organizations for Visa and Mastercard! Approximately 3 days after you recieve your welcome package you will recieve another call from a different "Rep" whom will ask for another $500.00. This is to cover the cost of your web site and contact phone numbers that will be forwarded to you, at a later date. These phone numbers will come from "anyone" filling with the local Exchange service for a new number. Whether this number is adding a line to an already existing business, or someone adding a line for internet dial up, or fax machine or whatever! Most of these "leads" will prove useless to you. You will be provided with a couple of cd's to learn about the World of finance and how Credit cards evolved from 1963 to today. These credit sellers (marketers) will provide you with half a dozen "generic" business cards for you to write your affiliate number on and pass out to your prospective clients. You will have to produce the rest. Wait a minute!!! I thought this was work from home! NOT!
You are expected to learn all of the various atm and credit card prossesing machines on the market and sell, sell, sell, business to business door to door.The selling point is that they will reduce the interest rates and fees a Merchant currently pays to thier bank for the use of such processing equipment. Much of which is under a scheduled contract with their local bank.
If you have a few thousand dollars, Reliable transportation and an understanding of credit card prossing this is the job for you, Good luck. If you are struggling to pay your bills and are cutting expenses to keep afloat, HANG UP the phone when you hear the words Bankcard Empire!

****Here is the latest Scam Via the mail; Rush my reserved copy of "COMMON SENSE" 3rd edition 2009 by Dr. John Pulaski !!! Go to this link and read the feeds. It explains it all; My letter says to send the money to Troy Chaisson 723 Napoleon Ave. La. 70584 Do you think he exists?

The new Health Reform Bill is creating Insurance Scams
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