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September 15, 2010

Dangerous Dog Taxes!

As shelters suffer overcrowding as a result of the Economic downfall’s causing extended un-employment and excessive layoffs more and more pet owners are faced with the tough decision of turning their pets over to a local shelter!
It’s a sad day when Taxing has become so prevalent in the process of pet control that it has priced honest working citizens out of a pet! Our city currently requires a $500.00 license for a pet deemed Dangerous and this varies from Rottweiler’s, to Pit’s (American Terriers), and Doberman’s. The selection of determination is left up to the Local license issuer whether it’s a Vet or the local Animal Control Center.
If a pet is left un-neutered there is an additional fee for “intact pet”!

These are based on Breed specifics only and have nothing to do with the temperament of the pet! If a person applies for Adoption of one of these “Dangerous” dog’s they must go through an application process that requires the certification of the property having a secured “60inch high” fence! Most fences are only 40 inches high! If there is the added risk of the pet climbing or jumping additional measures must be made!
Should the pet escape there are stiff fines and recovery fees and a license may be revoked and the pet killed! Deemed Dangerous can also be reported by a neighbor whom “say’s” the animal “appears aggressive” towards teasing children, or other pets walking near a fence or gate!
Once a fine has been issued for any violation an owner may take a Handling Education class to get some fines dropped but not all fines are eligible through this measure. If an animal should ever bite a person or another pet, they are Quaranteed, the situation review, fines and fee’s paid and if the pet isn’t killed, it’s then listed on the city web page of vicious animal‘s.

Everyone wonders why shelters are overrun with abandoned pets and why so many animals are being killed each year. This should help shed some light on some of the obstacles we as a society must overcome!
Any animal can be Dangerous, and all animals have to capacity to be Vicious. I have cornered Cat’s that I would rather not encounter without proper protective clothing. I have walked up to Aggressive German Shepherds I could talk out of biting me  but by the same token Encountered Chihualla and Pekinese that wouldn’t back down! Point made!

Here's a list of dog's insurance company's consider Dangerous!

Blacklist Dangerous Dog Breeds

As we move forward as a society wishing not to kill innocent animals, we must accept the fact that  certain responsibility come from pet ownership and as long as personal responsibilities aren’t met, the city government will step in, take control and find ways to financially benefit from what amounts to our lack of Education! Read my previous blog on Selecting the right type of dog . It should have been titled “Killing a pet 101“!

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  1. Those fines are pretty stiff! I'm looking at buying wireless dog fence from Havahart Wireless so our dog can't jump over it :-)