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September 28, 2010

Lead me to Thy Church!

Recently my son was taking violin lesson's at a nearby church administered by the Reverends daughter a music major referred to us by the High School Orchestra Teacher! We were invited to sit in on a sermon shortly after the renovation's were completed on the main Chapel. prior to the Sermon the Reverend pointed out the Huge Wooden Beams holding up the main Structure and went into detail the "Rarity, of the Brazilian wood" and it's million dollar price tag!

That prompted this poem!

Lead me to thy Church!

Towering above, 
Massive Branches spread round,
Embracing me with limbs,
A Trunk the Foundation.
Lead me to thy Church!

Blowing, Whispering in my ear,
Breezes that touch me gently.
The dew upon my face,
Kissing me softly.
Lead me to thy Church!

Turning stars in the night,
Bright lights glow, 
Light a path for me,
Pulling me on my way.
Lead me to thy Church!

Guiding me by moon,
Darkness I know not.
Leaving my heart,
Yearning for voice.
Lead me to thy Church!

The meadow, The field,
Along the stream.
What leaves me a path,
Footprint's it seem's.
Lead me to thy Church!

Lights shining,
Brighten the way.
Shows the day,
Brings the sun.
Lead me to thy Church!

Morning brings life,
Sounds awaken.
Thine Tree still shelters me,
It's Limbs embrace.
Safe in the arm's of thy Church!

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